2. Chaotic Picture

My brush is trying to paint the truth A convoluted mixof colours... lost I'm trying to paint my life... So close Ahead on my lifeline, the shadows try To draw my troubled way... So scared These miracles bring me into this grey painting I don't think I'll be safe... So close What will I find? A journey of lies Have you ever felt the words of the sky in this world? I don't think so, it's only in your dreams Have you ever seen the colours of light Create strange creatures, fearful landscapes I could fly out of life And tomorrow I’ll let the fear fall Have you ever heard the sound of peace? You bet it is the only thing I've not tried yet Wait a while, this strange story Is the hope out of the fear we live in I just wanna say we will meet again In your life, in my life, in our life You'll realize what life keeps Through the colours of the light Recognize today again And feel the freedom by your side But don't forget This picture it's only paint on a soft web Let's set the mind free from the sins And recall which place you live in